1. The prayer request may come from any source.
  2. The prayer request should be phoned into the prayer chain chaiman.
  3. Include only the information you want shared with the prayer chain.
  4. When the prayer chain member receives a call, write down the request and the date.
  5. Pass ONLY the information given to you. (Do Not visit or talk about other matters)
  6. As soon as you receive a prayer request, CALL THE NEXT PERSON ON THE LIST.
    1. If no one answers, LEAVE A MESSAGE, if possible. Then, KEEP GOING DOWN THE LIST until you reach someone.
    2. Then keep trying to reach the ones you were unable to reach, UNLESS YOU LEFT A MESSAGE.
  7. As soon as you finish the call: PRAY !
  8. Inform the chairperson (Carrol Boone) when the prayer request has been answered.

This PRAYER CHAIN is committed to pray for your request when it is submitted. Call your request into the first name listed below and your prayer request will be forwarded to each member of the PRAYER CHAIN, who will in turn pray for your request as soon as they forward the request to the next member.

NAME Home Phone Cell Phone
Rufus Richard - chairman [FIRST Person to call] 337-550-7661 337-305-5058
Barbara Fontonet 337-543-6152 337-543-6152
Claire Conner 337-546-6310 337-305-3452
Debbie Simon 337-305-4158 337-546-6310
Rufus Richard 337-550-7661 337-305-5058
Helen Bellard 337-457-4562 337-224-6488
Sandy Simon 337-643-6821 337-523-1061
Bob Courville 337-457-4780 337-580-5622
Elaine Mitchell 337-457-7694 337-580-0072
Amy Janice 337-457-9420 N/A
Jamie Cormier [call only from 6pm to 10pm] 337-580-8059 337-371-6650