Click to go to Bro. Gary's home page! The CHURCH is the Bride of Christ, being made ready to meet our Lord in the Air, where Jesus Christ will escort His church to their eternal homes in heaven. That promise is for all who accept Christ as the messiah and ask Him to live in their hearts, but; with that promise comes a responsibility to grow each congregation of the Church. There must be fellowship and a willingness to work together, if that responsibility is to be accomplished.

As pastor of FBC Chataignier, I am humbled, yet proud, to say that fellowship and willingness to work together, is evident in this congregation. Truly, the left hand is fully aware of the right hand, and of the same accord. I'm equally proud to say that those in attendance, come to worship and all the problems that could arise, are left on the outside.

"Joy in the pastorate", would describe my privilege of God's call to the work in Chataignier. Thank you my Lord, for Joy! Thank you my people for your desire to serve our Lord.

Elaine and I would offer this message to all who enjoy this directory: The people contained in this directory are what makes this church a living, active, loving, and progressive ministry in the Chataignier area.

Brother Gary Mitchell