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Awaken 2018
Itís Never Happened BeforeÖ.
Two hundred years ago Baptists heard the voice of God in a new and fresh way that called them to Louisiana. Like most things God does, it started small and grew by the power of His Spirit into what is today over 500,000 Southern Baptists worshipping in 1,600 churches.

However, during this 200 years of ministry in Louisiana there has never been a spiritual awakening, a movement of God that sweeps across the state changing the lives of people, churches and ultimately the culture.

Imagine what could happen if more than a half-a-million people, young and old, men and women of all races in Louisiana humbled themselves before the face of Almighty God? What if they gave themselves to a Spirit-led shift in priority that put His will above their own? The explosion of Godly passion would change Louisiana. . . and the world. . . . . .It's Time!

Awaken 2018 Ė Itís a movement calling upon all Louisiana Baptists to join in a concentrated effort to prepare, pray, and plead with God to send a spiritual awakening across our state and nation. . . . . .It's Time!

Why do we desperately need this spiritual awakening? A quick scan of the news reveals the continued downward moral and spiritual decline in our state and across our country.

  1. Louisiana
    1. leads the nation in murder rates per 100,000 people
    2. has the second highest crime rate in the nation
    3. leads the nation in certain forms of sexually transmitted diseases
    4. saw 8,167 babies aborted in 2009
  2. Nationally:
    1. A violent crime of some form occurs every 23.9 seconds.
    2. A property crime occurs every 3.4 seconds. . .It's Time!

The Process
We cannot program, plan, or demand spiritual awakening. However, we can prepare for it, pray for it, and plead with God to send it.

21 Days of Preparation: Commit your church and yourself to participate in 21 Days of Preparation.

Commit to focus on the need for spiritual awakening by delivering a God-inspired message to the congregation on this subject.

Celebrate what God has done in 200 years of ministry in Louisiana on Sunday, April 29.

Participate in various opportunities during the year to focus on the need for spiritual awakening.


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